Tara Baswani

Tara Baswani is an award winning performing artist, songwriter/composer, experience designer and entertainment strategist, bridging entertainment platforms with civic impact.

The first Indian musician to collaborate with the Cirque Du Soleil, she now develops talent for them globally as music director, casting partner and culture strategist. Her work has featured on The Tonight Show (Jay Leno), The Late Night Show (Conan O’ Brien), Fuji TV, CBC and through world tours.

Tara’s solo music project, Quest (2015) received acclaim on platforms like CBC, NPR, KEXP, Sirius XM, TIFF 2015, Hatch (2016), and has been acknowledged at COP 21 (2015) for its human rights and environmental initiatives, and her company LembasWorks for its eco-responsible, interactive show design. The audiovisual project narrates peoples’ stories through songs, curating diverse insights through its collaborations to build compassionate dialogues and shift cultural perspectives.

As co-founder of LembasWorks, an entertainment consultancy firm, she produces unique cultural experiences connecting the worlds of entertainment and business with sustainable values. The firm also provides strategy and production tools to fellow artists, and civic engagement support, within the creative community.

Ambassador for “Cultural and Philosophical Expressions for Social Change” at the World Social Forum (2016), Tara has represented India-Canada in Montreal with a case for “Creating Social Impact through Entertainment”. She continues to create education and thought leadership through an arts workshops initiative called the Daily Quest.